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Festival of Fools STAFF

Festival Director: Zach Williamson
Artistic Director & Co-Founder: Woody Keppel
Creative & Programming Partner: Signal Kitchen
Operations Manager: Regina Riccitelli
Company Manager: Tim Furst
Volunteer Coordinator: Kyla Waldron
Operations Lead: Kit Kat Colson
Street Design: Carl Talent
Catering: Treetop Kitchen
Security: Chocolate Thunder Security Services
Power & Pitch Lighting: Patrick Orr

Burlington City Arts STAFF

Executive Director: Doreen Kraft
Assistant Director: Sara Katz
Event & Production Director: Zach Williamson
Communications Director: John Flanagan
Art Director: Ted Olson

Media Requests

All media inquiries should be directed to John Flanagan, Communications Director at or 802.865.5355

Photograph Requests
Media may request photographs to be used in publications and electronic communications. Contact John Flanagan for more information.

Please credit all photographs “Courtesy of Burlington City Arts” unless instructed otherwise. Photos may not be used for commercial purposes. Photographs found on this website are not suitable for printing purposes.

All promotional photographs from the 2018-19 events are courtesy of Elvira Tripp, Andrew Krebbs, Sam Simon, and Kyle Tansley.