Friends, step right up to The Street Circus! It’s frantic, furious, fantastical. This show will elevate your heart and soul with a huge dosage of fun. The energy is contagious, and the entertainment is incredible. No huge budgets or massive apparatus are needed- these two performers bring you into the show and capture your attention and imagination. You’ll be left asking yourself “What can’t these two do?”. The show is built to have it all: hand balancing, hula hoops, cyr wheel, fire juggling, hand-to-hand acrobatics and naturally- a TON of laughs. Dan and Kim have worked hard to mix many modern circus styles while still maintaining the spontaneity and intimacy of the street. As two award winning, Guinness-record-holding performers with over forty five years of combined world-wide performance experience, they are proud to bring an immense energy to any stage with non-stop, upbeat circus entertainment!”